Prepare your surgery

Decision to perform a surgical procedure

The decision to perform the surgery will be discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr Cunningham. The surgical procedure,  the risks and benefits and your expectations will also be addressed. Most importantly, any questions you may have will be answered. Dr Cunningham strongly believes that being prepared and well-informed about surgery facilitates the recovery process (pre-rehabilitation).

If necessary you may be referred to a specialised preoperative medical consultation, called “Fast Track”, which will help you optimise your preoperative medical condition, the course of your stay and your postoperative recovery. (LINK TO FAST-TRACK:

Feel free to contact Dr Cunningham’s secretary for any additional questions you may have or to fix an appointment.

Your general practitioner will systematically be informed of the planned surgical procedure prior to the intervention. If needed, he or she will complete the preoperative workup with further investigations (chest X-ray, EKG etc) and will verify and adapt your medications (for example anticoagulant drugs) before the surgery.

On the day(s) before your operation

You will meet your anaesthesiologist who will answer any questions you may have and discuss with you the type of anaesthesia (local, regional, total) that suits your case. You will also be informed about the details regarding your arrival at the clinic (such as fasting and time).

The day of your operation

On your arrival you will be welcomed by the medical staff of the clinic who will ensure your comfort and explain the course of your stay. They will then prepare and accompany you to the operating theatre.

The days following your operation

The nursing staff will take care of your comfort day and night. You will receive daily visits from Dr Cunningham, the anaesthesiologist and, if indicated,  physiotherapists. Dr. Cunningham will discuss the treatment plan and postoperative care and help you organise your return home (rehabilitation). He will also give you all the necessary documents for your discharge from the clinic (medical certificates, medical prescriptions, follow-up appointments, rehabilitation protocols).

After you return home

You will see Dr Cunningham at regular intervals to ensure your recovery is optimal. He will guide your return to your professional and sports activities and will refer you, if necessary, to a sports medicine specialist.