Orthopaedic Surgeon specialised in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

Dr Cunningham completed his training in orthopaedic and trauma surgery at the Geneva University Hospitals, a major trauma center. He was appointed Consultant (Chef de Clinic) for four years and was in charge of the Shoulder and Elbow Team for one year. He then completed a surgical and scientific fellowship with the Sydney Shoulder Research Institute in Australia where he refined his practice and launched several of his own research projects.

Dr Cunningham now has his own private practice and co-founded the Shoulder Centre, while maintaining a Consultant position at the Geneva University Hospitals and Hôpital Neuchâtelois. He is actively involved in medical education and research, and has published over 30 scientific articles. He is also a member of several national and international scientific and medical societies, and regularly participates as a speaker at international conferences around the world.

Dr Cunningham’s practice is focused on an evidence-based scientific approach to provide the best possible personalised treatment for each patient.

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